Parenting is a rewarding, but also often, an extremely demanding job. Parents and caregivers today, are faced with the challenge of parenting in ways which may be completely contrary to how they themselves were parented. Not only have attitudes towards child development and parenting changed, but so too have the laws. Parents and caregivers are bombarded with overwhelming messages about how to parent positively. Navigating these changes and messages can be confusing and often challenging for parents and caregivers.

Emma provides a professional parent coaching and consultation service for parents and caregivers of children (from birth to 18 years) who are looking for support and guidance on their parenting journey. Parent coaching is a safe space where challenges relating to behaviour and wellbeing can be discussed in a non-judgemental and honest way. The aim of parent coaching is to provide the parent/caregiver with the skills and tools to enhance their parenting and allow them to build strong and open relationships with the child.

The parent coaching journey invloves exploring and understanding the parent/caregivers own experiences of being parented and cared for, as well as their attitudes and beliefs about parenting. Taking this lens allows Emma to unpack with the parent/caregiver how their own experiences have informed how they parent today. In doing this, it also becomes possible to become aware of what is working within the relaionship so these stregths can be built upon.

Emma has vast experience providing family support and as a parent herself has first hand experience to back up her professional knowledge. Get in touch to discuss your needs.