Sessions run for 50 minutes and are facilitated online as well as in person, allowing you to choose the option which best fits with your schedule. Find out about Emma’s therapeutic style and approach here and contact Emma to book an appointment.

Parent Coaching

Emma offers parent coaching to parents/carergivers on general parenting issues which they feel they could use support with. These sessions run for 50 minutes and are offered in person and online.

Emma is also available to book for bespoke events such as talks and presentations. Contact Emma to further discuss your needs.

For parents/carergivers dealing with child to parent abuse and are seeking coaching in the Non Violent Resistance intervention, these sessions also run for 50 minutes and a course of 8-10 sessions are required. Upon completion parents/carergivers will be empowered and skilled in de-escalation, as well as having an increased positive parental presence in the child’s life.

NVR Services For Practitioners

Emma offers a 2 day practitioner training which will train professionals in using NVR with families on their caseloads.

On completion of this training, practitioners will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate increased confidence and skill in assessing and responding effectively to child to parent abuse
  • Understand the key concepts and skills of the Non Violent Resistance Intervention model
  • Relate these concepts and skills to their own, or to other areas of practice with children and families.    
  • Help parents/carergivers develop skills and confidence in responding to child to parent violence
  • Raise awareness of the nature and extent of child to parent abuse, violence, controlling behaviour and reversal of power in families
  • Identify the challenges and the potential for resolution of these challenges in applying NVR principles to practice

Workshops and bespoke training also available upon request.

Please contact Emma to book an appointment or to further discuss your needs.