I wanted to use my first blog to share with you a bit about who I am, what I do and my hopes for this business venture, Green Moon Training, which supports parents/carers and practitioners dealing with child to parent violence.

What I do

You may have seen from the website that I have studied psychology as well as life and business coaching. I have been working in child protection for the last 10 years. Working in the area of child protection is an extremely rewarding job and as practitioners we are privileged in our positions. We get to witness humans in, at times, the most vulnerable times of their lives. We then get to tap into their motivations and watch them fight and flourish through our interventions. That is when it all goes right. Of course, we are not always so lucky, but we are still privileged.

It is through my work that I began to see a new form of family violence emerge. Namely, child to parent violence. Parents would say to me that their child was ‘out of control’ or ‘disengaged from school’ or that they felt they had ‘lost’ their child. I knew from domestic violence training which I had completed that I should ask straight out if there had been violence. So, I began asking ‘is your child violent towards you’. The answer came back over and over again, yes, yes and yes.

Why I Decided to establish Green Moon Training

To begin with as a practitioner it was extremely difficult as we did not have an existing intervention to give these parents the solution they so badly needed. A parent cannot place a restraining order against their child, they are legally obliged to provide for them. After some research I came across Declan Coogan and his adapted NVR training for use in Ireland. I booked on his training. I loved it so much I trained to become a trainer in NVR so that I could pass this knowledge on to as many practitioners as I could. This is what led me to the decision to set up Green Moon Training.

My Hopes

My hopes for Green Moon are simply that I will be in a position to share this knowledge with other practitioners so they in turn can support the families in their caseloads. I also hope to to support parents/carers dealing with child to parent violence and empower them to take back control and create harmony at home while strengthening relationships with their children. I would welcome any opportunity to chat with you. Get in touch in any way that is convenient for you.


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