Upon completion of facilitating a recent NVR for practitioners training, I began to reflect on how I felt after I completed my practitioner training in Non Violent Resistance (NVR) with Dr Declan Coogan in 2016. I felt many emotions, but to put it into one word I was relieved. I was relieved that I now had an intervention which I could offer to those families on my caseload who badly needed it.


At that time, I probably had one or two families a year who presented to me with the issue of child to parent violence (CPV). These days however, the statistics are much higher. For a number of reasons, exact figures are unknown, yet some suggest that CPV occurs in 5% to 10% of families. Anecdotal evidence however, would tell us that the prevalence is actually much higher. A colleague working in the area of youth diversion recently told me that one in every four of their referrals were in relation to CPV. While figures are uncertain, one thing is for certain: that even one family dealing with CPV is one family too many.

NVR Training for Practitioners

Practitioners working with families tell us that CPV is a real problem they are coming up against. For me, the biggest part of the problem lay in the lack of interventions available to provide the parent/carers with. As a practitioner I felt helpless and at times out of my debt with this issue. That changed when I completed the NVR training.

For practitioners working with families, NVR is another tool for their toolbox. It acknowledges and uses your existing knowledge and skills as the foundation and incorporates these into its structure. What exactly do I mean by this? I mean, the NVR trainer knows that you already are expert in providing support and interventions to families. This means that NVR is an intervention which, after the 2-day training, you can take away and start using immediately with families on your caseload.

NVR training incorporates a helpful recap on what it means to be solution focused in our practice. See my previous blog on solution focused practice in NVR here. It shows the practitioner the research behind the intervention, the pathology of CPV and it increases the practitioner’s confidence in dealing with CPV. At the end of the 2-day training you will leave armed with a new and brilliant intervention.

Upcoming Training

Due to covid restrictions all my work is being carried out via video conferencing. Please contact me today to book a place on a training course. The next training dates I have are May 19th and 20th. If these dates do not work for you please get in touch and we can discuss alternative dates.


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